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Cases We Fund

MC Law provides funding for any legal claim from conventional cases to more speculative and obscure claims. We have the skills to consider and fund any claims.

Please contact us to discuss getting money right away.

Here are some cases we have funded.

Auto Accidents

Auto accidents can leave you with high medical costs and lost time at work, please call us to discuss your case, and ways MC can give you the money you need right away.

Worker's Comp & Workplace Negligence

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Slip and Fall

Injured and need money to pay for any expenses? MC Law has years of experience assisting injured parties, please contact us to discuss your case.

Civl Rights

Unlawful arrest? Denial of your civil rights by a government agency? These cases can take a long time to settle, allow MC to pay you money upfront while you wait for your claims to settle.

Business Disputes

Owed money under an agreement? MC can fund your legal costs and give you money to  while you wait for the courts to rule in your favor.

Intellectual Property

Have a claim for patent, copyright or trademark infringement? These claims are valuable and may take a long time to resolve. Allow MC to give you value upfront while you wait for your attorney to settle the claims.

Medical Malpractice

Injured by the negligence or recklessness of a medical provider, MC can give you the money you need while you recover and wait for your legal team to resolve your claims.

Insurance Claims

Suing your insurance provider for failure to compensate you or your business? Get the money you need right away.

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